Retinal Detachment

Understanding Retinal Detachment and How Our Ophthalmologist Can Treat It

The retina is an essential part of the eye that helps capture light and make sense of visual stimuli. Diseases and injuries that affect the retina can lead to various complications, including vision loss or blindness. One such complication is a retinal detachment. This condition can cause permanent vision loss and requires immediate attention. Bradley J. Philips MD LLC in Somerset, NJ, can treat this severe condition and protect your long-term eye health. Continue reading to learn the signs and symptoms of retinal detachments and how our ophthalmologist can treat them.

Retinal Detachment

What Are the Symptoms of a Detached Retina?

Retinal detachments can occur for multiple reasons, but the most common retinal detachment occurs when the vitreous humor in your eye builds up behind your retina. The vitreous can then pull on the retina and cause it to detach. Retinal detachment typically occurs as you age and your vitreous shrinks and thins. Your age and family history increases your risk of retinal detachment. Previous eye injuries and diabetic retinopathy can also make you more susceptible to sustaining a detached retina.

Some of the most common symptoms of retinal detachment include the increase of floaters, flashing lights, and dark spots in your field of vision. Your quality of vision may also deteriorate. Many people experience only blurry vision at first, but permanent vision loss can occur if you do not seek immediate treatment for your retinal detachment. Visit your ophthalmologist near you immediately if you notice these symptoms.

How Does an Ophthalmologist Treat Retinal Detachment?

The treatment an ophthalmologist provides for a detached retina depends on how far along the problem is. Your ophthalmologist may recommend freeze treatment or laser surgery in cases where only a minor tear pushes the retina off its intended position. These options can create a scar that keeps your retina in place. The scar should be strong enough to maintain the position of your retina and alleviate your symptoms.

More intensive treatment is necessary for cases where a significant chunk of the retina gets detached. Your ophthalmologist will need to perform surgery in these instances. You may require a scleral buckle to hold the retina in place or a vitrectomy to remove the vitreous. The type of surgery you need will depend on the specific nature of your injury. Consult your ophthalmologist early so you can discuss your surgical options.

Seek Immediate Treatment for Your Detached Retina at Bradley J. Philips MD LLC

Retinal detachment is a significant eye problem that can cause blindness when left unaddressed, so contact Bradley J. Philips MD LLC in Somerset, NJ, to save your eyesight. Call and schedule an appointment today at (732) 249-6101 to get the treatment necessary to keep your eyes and vision healthy.

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