Eye Care for Somerset

Eye Care Services for Somerset

As an ophthalmologist, Bradley J. Phillips MD LLC provides medical eye care to patients in the Somerset, NJ, area. These services extend beyond conducting eye and vision exams to include surgery and eye disease treatment. Discover the many options for medical eye care services from Dr. Phillips to see how you can benefit from this eye care professional's help.


Eye and Vision Exams

Dr. Phillips provides traditional optometry services such as eye and vision exams and contact lens exams. Comprehensive vision exams detect problems with your visual acuity, determine a prescription for corrective lenses, and look at your eye health. Everyone needs to schedule regular exams of their eyes to catch vision problems early when treatments are more effective.

If you need contact lenses, you will have additional steps during the eye and vision exam to measure your eyes. These measurements help Dr. Phillips to find the best contacts of your eyes. Some people have conditions such as keratoconus or astigmatism that make wearing standard contacts difficult or uncomfortable. For these people, Dr. Phillips can perform an exam and a fitting for hard-to-fit contacts.

Eye Surgery

Only ophthalmologists, who have a medical degree, can perform eye surgery. If you need any of the following, schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillips:

By working with Dr. Phillips, you can benefit from pre and post-operative care in addition to the surgery itself. Some forms of surgery help to reduce the progressive effects of eye diseases or conditions while others, such as LASIK, help to improve your vision.

If you have any questions about the types of eye surgery or other eye care services that Dr. Phillips performs, contact the clinic for more information.

Eye Disease Treatment

Some eye conditions need the expertise of a medical doctor to evaluate, monitor, and treat. If you have glaucoma or cataracts, schedule a visit with Dr. Phillips for an evaluation. Dr. Phillips can find the best treatment available for your current condition. Depending on the disease that you have, you may need surgery, medication, or another form of treatment to mitigate the negative effects of the problem.

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