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At Bradley J. Phillips M.D., L.L.C., we strive to provide expert ophthalmology services to the residents in and around Somerset, NJ. You can visit our clinic at any time to receive effective treatment for your vision troubles. Apart from providing ophthalmology services, we also aim to answer questions people have about eye care. Many of the questions we receive from our patients and other interested individuals are related to vision accessories. Contact lenses are popular topics of discussion. Check out the FAQs detailed in this article so you can learn more about contact lenses.

Contact Lens FAQs

Are Contact Lenses Superior to Eyeglasses?

There is no definitively better option between contact lenses and eyeglasses. Whether one accessory is better for you than the other ultimately depends on your preferences. Eyeglasses are generally easier to use and maintain but can also be disruptive and change your appearance. Contact lenses offer more natural vision enhancement without getting in your way, but they can be uncomfortable. Evaluate those qualities and determine if contact lenses can help you more than a pair of eyeglasses.

Is It Hard to Care for Contact Lenses?

The difficulty of caring for contact lenses depends on what you’re using. Some contact lenses should be stored after a single use, while others must be cleaned, disinfected, and stored in a special case. If you decide to wear reusable contacts, you should always follow the care instructions to avoid infections and other unpleasant issues.

Can You Sleep While Wearing Contact Lenses?

Wearing contacts while sleeping is a big no-no. Your eyes become more susceptible to infections in that state. Take your contacts out whenever you’re planning to rest so you can keep your eyes safe at all times.

How Long Can You Wear Contact Lenses?

Generally speaking, wearing contact lenses most of the day shouldn’t be an issue. You can keep them on for 14 to 16 hours without suffering any ill effects. Follow your ophthalmologist’s suggestions if they tell you to only use your contacts for shorter periods.

Is It Safe to Shower While Wearing Contact Lenses?

You should always remove your contact lenses before engaging in an activity that could lead to them getting wet. Once again, using your contacts in that situation puts you at greater risk of developing an eye infection. Eliminate that possibility by removing your contacts beforehand.

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