Glaucoma FAQs

Why Is It Important to Detect Glaucoma Early?

A patent with this severe eye disease must be diagnosed as soon as possible. This eye disease can cause patients to lose a large amount of vision and even become blind. This condition must be discovered as early as possible, because any vision lost to glaucoma can't be returned. There are treatments for this disease, though, that can stop its progression or at least slow it down.

Get this early to save your vision. Seeing an ophthalmologist in Somerset is vital to see your best. In addition, you may need medication or other treatments, such as eye surgery. To see an eye doctor near me, call our doctor at Bradley J. Phillips MD LLC in Somerset, NJ, to make your appointment. You are tested for glaucoma during a yearly eye exam, so never miss your annual exam.


What Causes Glaucoma?

This eye disease occurs when the optic nerve behind the eye is damaged. This nerve is vital for processing vision. When this nerve becomes damaged, it can't properly get the images of what you see to your brain. Often, the damage to the nerve is caused by high eye pressure. There is a gel-like fluid inside the eyes, and this fluid can build up too much in some patients until the pressure inside the eyes is dangerously high. This pressure can cause the nerve behind it to be damaged. You need an eye exam from an eye doctor near me every year to check this intraocular pressure. When your eye pressure is too high, we must treat the condition immediately for the best results.

What Causes High Eye Pressure?

High eye pressure is caused by too much fluid in the eye. It can also occur if your body produces too much liquid. These cases can damage the nerve and cause a loss of vision.

What Are the Risk Factors for Glaucoma?

Being 60 or older is a significant risk factor. It can also be genetic and run in families. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, you are more likely to have high eye pressure. If your nearsightedness or farsightedness is quite pronounced, you also have an increased risk of this eye disease.

Visit Our Ophthalmologist in Somerset, NJ

There are treatments for glaucoma that may help with your condition if you have this eye disease. Eye surgery is often one of these options. Call our doctor at Bradley J. Phillips MD LLC in Somerset, NJ office to see an eye doctor near me to schedule your eye exam. 

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