Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Hard to Fit Contact FAQ

If you have eye issues related to your eye shape, an optometrist might give you special contact lenses. These are known as hard to fit contacts. Bradley J. Phillips MD, LLC in Somerset, NJ, can help you with all your hard to fit contact needs. 

Q—What are hard to fit contacts?

A—Hard to fit contacts are any contact lenses that are not your typical lenses. This includes lenses that are worn for astigmatism, dry eye, bifocal lenses, and more. 

Q—Are hard to fit contacts difficult to get?

A—Hard to fit contacts are just that: hard to fit. With the right optometrist, they are not hard to get. Our optometrist will help you find the perfect lenses for your unique situation.

Q—Are hard to fit contacts necessary?

A—For some eyes, hard to fit contacts are necessary because normal lenses will not provide the right kind of correction. If you have astigmatism, you are going to need lenses that are specially designed to fit the unique shape of your eye. 

Q—Are contact lenses for dry eye considered hard to fit contacts?

A—Lenses for dry eye may be considered hard to fit for a few reasons. In most cases, dry eyes will not be able to handle normal lenses, as there will is not enough moisture on the surface of the eye for a regular lens to sit comfortably. Dry eye lenses are specially created to keep the eye moist for comfortable contact wear. 

Q—How do I know if I need hard to fit contacts?

A—After an eye exam, our optometrist will know if you need hard to fit contacts. Our eye doctor recognizes issues that prevent the wear of typical contact lenses. Our eye doctor will also let you know how to deal with any issues you might run into with hard to fit contact lenses.
Q—Are hard to fit contacts better than typical contact lenses?

A—For certain conditions, hard to fit lenses are going to be far better for your eyes than typical lenses. Speak with our optometrist about your options.

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