Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams Provided by a 

Somerset, NJ Optometrist 

An optometrist like Bradley J. Phillips M.D., LLC, serving Somerset, NJ and the surrounding area, can perform either an eye or vision exam or both of these evaluations. In fact, during a comprehensive eye exam, our optometrist will check the health of your eye as well as your vision. 


Vision Exam 

During a standard vision exam as part of comprehensive eye exams, our optometrist will ask you to look into a device that has two lenses. The eye doctor will have you focus on your vision in one eye at a time. Your doctor will then change the magnification power of the lens until you find one that optimizes your vision the most. Then, your eye doctor will switch eyes and perform the same test on the other eye. 

Part of your vision exam also consists of a test for astigmatism. This particular test consists of you looking at images through lenses, and you have to determine which image looks the clearest. Your doctor will perform this test on both of your eyes as well. 

The results of this test help our eye doctor to determine the strength of glasses or contacts you need as well as if you need any type of vision correction at all. 

Sometimes, our eye doctor will use a special grid to check your central vision since you may experience issues with your central vision as you age. 

Eye Health Exam

The second portion of our comprehensive eye exams includes an eye health exam. During this portion of your exam, our eye doctor will use a specialized magnifying device to look into your eye and assess for problems. 

Our eye doctor will also use a test that blows air into each one of your eyes to check the pressure in your eye. This particular test helps analyze your eyes for glaucoma. 

If you have an eye issue, you are at the correct age, or you have a family history of certain eye problems, our eye doctor may perform more comprehensive testing. For instance, our doctor may recommend you undergo certain types of imaging that allows our eye doctor to look into your eyes and assess for problems. 

At the conclusion of your appointment, our eye doctor will determine if you need any type of vision correction. Our eye doctor will incorporate his findings from your eye health and vision exams to help you find the eyewear for you. If you choose contacts, you will need to look into a machine that takes the dimensions of your eyes. On the other hand, if you choose glasses, a specialist will size you for your glasses to ensure they fit properly and comfortably. You may also need other treatments to correct an eye health problem.  

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